mining rig amd,  The investigation found that: From 2005 to 2016 , the defendant Miao Ruilin used the posts of Deputy Mayor and Mayor of Suqian Municipal People's Government of Jiangsu Province, Secretary of the CPC Suqian Municipal Committee, Deputy Governor of Jiangsu Province People's Government, and Mayor of Nanjing People's Government Facilitate and assist relevant units and individuals in matters such as corporate project approval, obtaining loans, contracting for construction projects, settlement of expenses and transfer of relatives' work, enrollment of children, etc., and illegally accepting property from related persons directly or through his wife. 7.2 million yuan.

  Improve the function and space system, and strengthen space management and control in the whole region. Construct a "one-center, two-belt, multi-node" global spatial structure, strengthen the control of the national territorial space across the two lines and three regions, and strengthen the bottom-line constraints. We will implement the control of all types of land and space in the whole region, and comprehensively coordinate the protection of ecological elements in landscapes, forests, lakes and grasses.mining rig amd