Like many China-related issues, some U.S. lawmakers can't wait to voice a harsh objection. "One dollar is too much," Reuters quoted US Republican Anthony Gonzalez as saying on the 5th that "our taxpayers should not contribute to China." "New York Times" said Gonzalez last month in the United States will put forward a motion asking China from the World Bank Group 5 IBRD institutions in one of the "graduation" to curb the World Bank continue to use low-interest loans "financing China". Another Republican, Charles Grassley , chairman of the Senate Finance Committee , wrote to Malpas on the 4th , questioning the bank's continued work in China. Grassley also said that he is amending an appropriation bill to prevent the World Bank from lending to China. Commentary said that pressure from the US Congress poses a problem for the World Bank because US lawmakers have the final say on US financial contributions and can set conditions on how the money will be used.Can I stake cosmos?,  Original Title: China: Paralysis of WTO Appellate Body May Have Unpredictable Consequences