Recently, the Standing Committee of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee studied and decided to report and criticize the party group of the Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Department in the province, and instructed it to make a written inspection. Prosecuted the party secretary and director of the Provincial People's and Social Affairs Department; warned the party members and deputy directors of the department in charge of the party's warning and dismissed the members of the party group and deputy directors and re-appointed inspectors at the second level; The other three responsible persons were severely warned within the party, disciplinary warnings were dealt with and downgraded, and they were transferred from the Provincial People's Social Affairs Office.Bitcoin Mining Official Platform,

  "No matter how good it is, I am willing to give the water drop to relevant public welfare organizations!" On the evening of December 5th , Shen Peng , the founder and CEO of Water Drop , published an open letter on Weibo, addressing the previously exposed issue of "sweeping the floor and pulling orders." Express apologies, and put forward rectification measures for offline teams.Bitcoin Mining Official Platform