Users who want to purchase 3C products in installments through "Payman" must go to the store to scan the QR code provided by the clerk to download the "Payman" App.USDT Mining Project,) The market or channel department is responsible for traffic drainage. User positioning and traffic drainage methods in the process of traffic drainage will affect the quality of traffic. Introducing traffic with higher quality and greater quantity at a certain cost is the focus of the marketing and channel departments.

Hubei Guochuang Weiye Biotechnology Co., Ltd. sells "Ginkgo Soft Capsules" per box at 798 yuan, and the purchase price is 135 yuan; Wuhan Le Bailing Biotechnology Co., Ltd. sells "Gan Shutang" at 898 yuan per box. "Le Fan", the purchase price is 150 yuan; Anhui Runjiu Biotechnology Company sells propolis capsules at 3,980 yuan per box, the purchase price is only 65 yuan, and the profit is as high as 60 times.USDT Mining Project