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But small businesses will not be without opportunities, and large companies will not be without plans.How to make money from miners,Some people even shouted passionately: "Start a business and engage in artificial intelligence".

However, "Honor of Kings" is different. It originated in China. It is positioned for socialization and leisure, so it can weaken the background of the story, and the target group it targets is young people or even teenagers, and men and women. All, then it just needs to think about what kind of heroes and background stories are suitable for these aborigines in the Internet age: first, if all Chinese, at least young Chinese are familiar; second, considering the scalability, the characters To be very large, these characters cannot have different copyrights; thirdly, it is necessary to take into account the psychology and aesthetics of female users; fourth, the characters cannot be controversial or negative; according to the above principles, we It can quickly eliminate some inappropriate design ideas, such as the inability to use a single popular IP, such as Three Kingdoms, Naruto and Journey to the West, these IPs are very popular, but not all young people like it, and the pattern is not big enough. ;For example, like Civilization 6, it uses some famous figures from all over the world, such as Julius Caesar, Plato, etc., Chinese young people do not have a high sense of identity with celebrities around the world.How to make money from miners