In 2005 , Xingtai Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission packaged and reformed the state-run Zhongda Group, and the company was transferred to 7 natural persons such as Wu Zhenqing and the Zhongda Group, a private-owned Zhongda Group, and Wu Zhenqing became the chairman. The state-owned enterprises that originally belonged to Hebei were not only transformed into private enterprises, but their main assets were also distributed in Shaanxi.yorkshire bank exchange rates usd,  This year, with the exception of tax-related violations, the reporting, review and review of various points have been completed within the reporting stage, enabling timely online feedback of the results of the review and review.

  It is reported that China developed the Beidou system to reduce dependence on the US GPS system. In order to accelerate the application of Beidou system, China has installed Beidou system in taxis, buses and other vehicles. Many domestic branded phones, including Huawei and Xiaomi, are now also compatible with the system.yorkshire bank exchange rates usd