Original title: Lavrov: China will support if China is willing to join arms control, but China has said nothing about itHow to mine Ethereum,  He Houyi, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee: At a new historical starting point, we definitely have reason and confidence and believe that the future of Macau will definitely get better and better. Of course, first of all, our confidence is to believe that our motherland must be getting better and better. As long as our motherland is getting better and better, the prospect of Macau will definitely get better and better. However, to seize this opportunity, we must not only the SAR government, but also everyone in Macau must know how to take the initiative to seize this opportunity. I think it is still necessary for the special young people of Macau to develop our country and The future development of this district plan has a deeper understanding, and then how to combine your own ideals, your dreams, and your own future development with such a plan with the fate of the motherland and your own destiny Arise, I think this is the most important. I believe that Macao people will definitely seize this opportunity. I believe that "one country, two systems" will go steadily and farther in Macau, and it will definitely get better and better.

How to mine Ethereum