Beijing releases "blacklist" of uncivilized garden toursProjects that make money at home,  China ’s Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Paper published a paper in May this year to analyze the reasons for the emergence of problem cadres. The reasons include the strong deterrent to punishing the high-pressure situation of corruption in recent years, and the high-pressure situation of “breaking the umbrella and breaking the net”.

  The " Morning Breeze- 2019 " multinational military exercise led by Ukraine and the United States was held on the 1st in Odessa, Kherson, and Nikolayev regions in southern Ukraine . According to a communiqu issued by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, 19 countries including Ukraine and the United States sent a total of about 3,000 soldiers, 32 ships and 24 aircraft to participate in the exercise.Projects that make money at home